5 Reasons to Avoid Mixing Scaffold Tower Components
Safety is the number one priority in construction and maintenance. This is especially true when erecting scaffold towers to work at heights. However, a concerning practice is growing in the industry:

Safety is the number one priority in construction and maintenance. This is especially true when erecting scaffold towers to work at heights. However, a concerning practice is growing in the industry: mixing and combining tower components from several manufacturers to create a single tower. 

Despite its clear simplicity, this approach has significant safety and liability risks that should not be ignored.  Through this article, we aim to shed light on clear warnings against such practices, highlighting the significant safety and liability concerns they entail. Assembling scaffold towers requires rigorous attention to detail and respect for established processes.

Scaffold Tower Components

Youngman India, as the exclusive manufacturer of essential components used to construct the Aluminium Ladderspan, stairway, Fitout master, and all other variations of Aluminium Mobile Access Towers, is best positioned to advise on the safety concerns associated with combining components from various manufacturers into a single structure.

1. Expert Advice & Guideline:

Sumit, The Safety First, Scaffold Tower specialist, explains: that Mobile Access Tower systems have been developed, built, and independently certified as per the most recent relevant European Standard, EN 1004-1:2020, which includes material specifications, dimensions, maximum working loads, and safety calculations. Make shifting of different category components in one structure can affect the tower's structural compatibility, rigidity and load-bearing capacity which leads to life-threatening hazards during height work

The Safety First, a major training organization specializing in access tower safety education, has issued a computability standard outlining the strict standards that must be completed before constructing and operating a combination of towers in their training programs

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2. Certified Standards:

The structure of the combination of towers, which requires combining components from multiple manufacturers, is subject to major standards imposed by a third-party certification independence recognized by the EA. This certification is essential because it guarantees adherence to the rigorous standards established in EN 1004-1:2020, confirming the tower's structural integrity and safety measures.

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3. Comprehensive Manuals For Non-Compliant Towers:

Furthermore, instruction manuals for combination towers must be 3rd-party certified to EN 1004-2:2021. They must include enough information to properly explain any differences between the components of the 'Compatible' and 'Other' towers.

The combination of towers does not meet the standard requirements, and there are no third-party approved bodies capable of providing the necessary certification for such towers. Therefore, it cannot be constructed or used.

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4. Complexity, Confusion & Violation of Standards:

Building a combination of towers adds unnecessary complexity and confusion, leaving the possibility for error and confusion, which might result in major injury or worse for users, and subjects manufacturers to greater costs and issues with product liability. combination of towers violates the fundamental principles of the EN 1004 standard.

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5. Loss of the Guarantee:

If such non-Youngman tower components have been used, the tower structure is no longer certified to fulfill EN 1004-1:2020 specifications, which terminates the guarantee in most situations.

Youngman India, as a manufacturer of these mobile access towers, cannot allow the mixing of tower components from multiple manufacturers, and we are educating our clients about this to assist in guaranteeing that safety and compliance stay at the core of our business.

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The practice of mixing and matching tower components from multiple manufacturers poses an unacceptable risk to safety and compliance. Youngman India urges stakeholders across the industry to prioritize adherence to standardized protocols and resist the temptation of compromise. By upholding rigorous safety standards, we can collectively safeguard lives, preserve integrity, and foster a culture of unwavering commitment to excellence in construction and maintenance operations.

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